Ryan M


  • Favorite Movement: Snatch
  • Favorite WOD: Isabel or Grace
  • Least Favorite WOD: Angie

In high school I was a three sport athlete (football, basketball, baseball). When I went to college I stopped playing sports and gained 70+ pounds in 4 years. After college, a routine physical which included blood work, gave me a wake up call that I was not on a path I wanted to be on. I started working out at normal globogym where I was able to lose all the the college weight in roughly a years time. After losing weight I knew that in order to continue to maintain an healthy lifestyle I would need to find something competitive that I enjoyed. I tried running but it was still too repetitive to keep my interest. My brother-in-law introduced me to Crossfit. The competitive nature and daily variety of Crossfit has redefined what I thought fitness and working out was and through coaching I now get to spread that to others.


  • BA Business Management and Information Systems – Northwood University 2008
  • CrossFit Level 1 Certification

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