Simon T

    • Favorite Movement: Snatch
    • Favorite WOD: Amanda
    • Least Favorite WOD: Kelly

    After many years of searching for the best exercise methodology, that not only promotes a healthy lifestyle, but also provide a strongly bonded community environment, Simon finally found CrossFit. It did not take long before he started his quest of learning as much as possible, mastering all the movements and the proper techniques. He completed a large number of CrossFit coaching and trainer courses, including Olympic weightlifting, judging, and scaling. Simon loves to pass on his knowledge and teach others to apply principles of CrossFit to achieve steady progress by utilizing high intensity interval training, 
    proper scaling, and best possible technique. He enjoys coaching a wide range of athletes from newbies, who need fun introduction to foundational movements, to competitors, who need fine-tuning and tips on movement effectiveness. Simon really loves helping people build confidence and working with those who have weight loss goals. He feeds off and really loves the energy of group classes. Before dedicating himself to CrossFit lifestyle, throughout his life Simon competed in a number of sports at expert levels. From soccer, tennis, table tennis, track, through road running, dirt bike enduro, mountain biking, and cyclocross he is comfortable in a wide range of modal domain. This exposure to multiple forms of activities and training styles provided him a deeper understanding of exercise science balanced with nutrition. If your goal is to get back on track with healthy lifestyle, or compete in the CrossFit Open, just ask Simon, he’ll help you get there.
    • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, 2015
    • CF Weightlifting Course level 1, 2016
    • CF Weightlifting Course level 2, 2017
    • CF Anatomy Course, 2017
    • CF Scaling Course, 2017
    • CF Spot the Flaw Course, 2017
    • CF Judge, 2016
    • CF Judge, 2017
    • Masters in Chemical Engineering, 1991