Friday, April 10, 2020

Gross Strength 
P 5 x 5 E3M (work to a heavy 5RM)
Front Squat: 3 (@8 RM)
Dumbbell Snatch 1/1 x 3 – 6 Reps (#70/#50)
Hand Walk: 40’
AMRAP: 12 Minutes 
At Home
Go to a parking lot with your car – Put the car in neutral –
push the car 50M –
Rest 1:00
10 Rounds

The parking lot should be flat, DO NOT DO ON A HILL!
Bonus: Use a ski mask to protect yourself and scare the neighbors. If you have a 5.11 vest, really scare them (This is a shit show and you need to have a sense of humor to survive)

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