What is CrossFit?

The book definition of CrossFit is that which optimizes fitness through constantly varied functional movements performed at relatively high intensity. Well… you may be saying to yourself, “Okay, that sounds interesting but what does it really mean?” Well, let’s start with the heart of the definition and build around it. The word “functional” is at the heart of CrossFit.

At Chemical City CrossFit, you will not be doing barbell curls, you will not be doing leg presses, you will not be doing lat pull downs…those movements are not functional. They do not translate into anything functional in your daily life. One step into Chemical City CrossFit and it will be clear…this gym is different. There are no machines because YOU are the machine!


  • CrossFit involves squats…you squat many times during the day, like when you go from sitting to standing.
  • Crossfit involves pressing and pulling things relative to your body…movements repeated in your daily routine.
  • CrossFit involves strengthening your core (your abdominals, hip flexors, and lower and mid-back muscles)…the core is one of the keys to maintaining a high functioning existence!
  • Squats, pressing, core strength are all functional in your daily life.

When you combine these functional movements within a varied and highly intense workout, you produce a level of fitness that translates into increased lean muscle mass, increased strength, increased stamina, and an overall increase in wellness.

Chemical City CrossFit is for you if you:

  • Aren’t seeing results from your current workout
  • Are bored with your current routine & are looking for something different
  • Are looking for a community in addition to a place to workout
  • Don’t like the impersonal “Globo-gyms”
  • Want to find a way to get stronger or faster for your primary sport
  • Think that you don’t have time to exercise

 Who we serve:

Chemical City CrossFit is a diverse set of people including the young, middle-age and masters. It includes teachers, students, stay-at-home mom’s, professionals, elite athletes and people who have decided to try a structured exercise program for the first time ever. Regardless of what your background is, training at Chemical City CrossFit can benefit you!

23 thoughts on “What is CrossFit?

    • Hi Jayme, we’d love to have you stop by. First visit is free. Classes are 5:30am M-F; 12:15 M, T,Th; 4:30pm F; 5:30pm M-F; 9:00am Sat; 10:30am Sun. Let me know if you have any other questions. Regards, Rich


  1. I am here on vacation for the week of 6/20 and would like to try the 5:30 am class on Tuesday. I have not done cross fit, but something similar, G3 @ Gymnazo (Gymnazo.com). I talked with Tracy around 1:15 pm and am familiar with tomorrow’s tabata style workout.


  2. My wife and I are interested in your gym? Are those hours class hours ? And is there reg open gym hours? Also what are the monthly fees?


    • Hi Brad,

      Thanks for inquiring about Chemical City CrossFit. The hours posted reflect our normal class hours. The only ‘open gym’ time is Sunday at 10:30am. The rest of the classes are instructor led. There are several pricing options, they can be found at: https://chemicalcitycrossfit.com/pricing/. Your first visit is free. We will walk you through the class, then we can discuss the best options for continuing forward.

      Yours in fitness,



  3. hi! I’m Theresa and I contacted u a few months ago and dropped in. I’m 52 years old. I was a member of NFL and I went consistently for several years, but with different job I couldn’t make their time slots. I been away for almost a year and not sure if i can jump right in or if I should do onramp first. I’m not over weight, but I feel weak 😣 …im not opposed to doing onramp as a refresher or if you guys would slowly help me get back into it I can do that too.
    my goals are mobility and strength.
    I can stop in Monday (tmrw ) to talk it over if you want. 😀
    I would start Tuesday if that’s ok?
    I will attend 530 am class.


    • Hi Carina,

      Yes High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is synonymous with how our CrossFit workouts are programmed. We have time specifically allocated to lifting weights too.

      Any further questions, please let me know.


  4. Hello. I tried rob use the drop-in app feature with no luck. Is the first drop I still free and after that $15? What would you charge for a four additional drop ins after the free one?


  5. I am a stay at home momma looking to get into shape! How do I go about getting in touch with someone who can point me in the right direction?


    • Hi Stacey,

      Thanks for inquiring about Chemical City CrossFit.

      Yes we are open. Our schedule is:

      Monday – Friday 5:30, 12:15, 16:30, and 17:45
      Saturday 9:00
      Sunday 9:30

      Your welcome to try a free trial visit (click here).

      Let me know if you have any questions.

      Yours in Fitness,


  6. Hi,

    Can I go this Monday August 8th at 5:30 am? I just arrived to Midland and I have been doing some crossfit but I would like to keep going with you guys.



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