How Do I Join?

Thank you for your interest in Chemical City CrossFit.

The process is really simple:

Step 1: Set up and Account

To set up an account, please click here!

Step 2: Come in for a free intro session (optional)

  • A 30-60 minute session to learn about the CrossFit method, try a workout, and learn how we coach and operate at Chemical City CrossFit.

Step 3: Sign up for our On-Ramp package

After you have decided to join Chemical City CrossFit, you will go through several training sessions.  In those sessions, you will learn the fundamentals of CrossFit.  These sessions will get you up to speed quickly, so you can join our group workouts in a safe, effective manner.  The number of sessions required will be based on the coaches’ evaluation of the athlete.

These private or small group coaching sessions are set up at your convenience and can take place as needed, according to what fits into your schedule.

Step 4: Group classes

After you have passed through the On-Ramp coaching, you graduate to our group workouts and our entire training schedule is open to you.

If you are an experienced crossfitter and would like to join, please contact us for an evaluation session.  During the evaluation session we will determine your skill level and make a recommendation on whether intro sessions should be completed before entering group classes.  Email us at to set up your evaluation session.

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