Amy K


  • Favorite Movement: Clean
  • Favorite WOD: Grace, honorable mention to Amanda (because I can finally do Muscle Ups)
  • Least Favorite WOD: Karen of Cindy

I have always been described as someone with a lot of energy. However, I had never really ‘worked’ out or needed to when I was younger. Then in June of 1995 I started Tae Kwon Do, and learned that I enjoy working out. It was through Tae Kwon Do and testing for multiple levels of black belt with my most recent being my 5th degree in the summer of 2013 that I found out that I am capable of much more then I knew.

In addition, to Tae Kwon Do I have tried through the years various other activities including running a marathon, boot camps and your average globo-gym, however nothing kept my interest except Tae Kwon Do. Then in January of 2011 a colleague suggested I try CrossFit. I had never done any Olympic lifting in my life. The only free weights I had ever touched were the ones I used for bench press. Needless to say learning how to lift barbells was a completely new experience and one that I found interesting and challenging.

CrossFit has once again made me realize that I am capable of much more then I knew. CrossFit has made me stronger in the gym and at home, and I feel like I am in the best shape of my life, something as simple as carrying my Christmas decorations upstairs is no longer taxing. While making a new weight on a lift, or finally learning how to do a new CrossFit move is still exciting. I also love the competitive nature and daily variety.

In December of 2013 I received my Level 1 certification and now can help others achieve their fitness goals.


  • BA Elementary Education – Saginaw Valley State University 1997
  • MA Educational Administration – Saginaw Valley State University 2005
  • CrossFit Level 1 Certification

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